Wheel Spacers (6×114.3)

Suited to various 6 stud makes such as Nissan & Renault.

Athena wheel spacers are made from a bar of top quality aluminium and are manufactured using CNC tooling machines to guarantee maximum precision.  No welding is involved in this production process, giving the spacers unbeatable resistance and reducing the possibility of breakage to a minimum.

The choice of materials, the special design and the TUV certified bolts make them the most stable and reliable on the market.  The special “gloss white” colour of the Athena spacers improves the look of your vehicle, enhancing the alloy rims.  Thanks to the wide range and the possibility of making spacers on request, with different thicknesses, double centring for special uses and wheelbase variation, Athena becomes a strategic partner for satisfying all market requirements.

Athena spacers come in a wide range of measurements ranging from 5 to 50 mm. Each pair of spacers can be supplied with TUV certified bolts, entirely interchangeable with the OEM part and compatible with wheel rim characteristics.  Athena recommends tightening the bolts following the directions of the manufacturer and checking for hold after an initial period of use.

Δ NOTES Race Use Only Product – Please check details on the “Race use only” in the footer section below.



Stock: SP105

Fitment: 6×114.3

Center bore: 66mm

Thickness: 30mm

2 pieces

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