How to find out what size Rings are needed?

To find out what size rings are needed you will have to find out the center bore of the vehicles hub.  This can be got at www.wheelfitment.eu or by taking off a wheel and measuring the hub.  To get the measurement of the wheel, you just need to put the wheel on its face and measure the center bore at the rear.

The rings below are commonly found on Lexus, Toyota, Suzuki, Renault, Nissan & Smart models with a 60.1mm hub.

Please note that if the center bore is smaller than 60.1mm, i.e. 60.1 – 54.1mm, then these rings can only be used when fitting wheels from the models listed above onto vehicles with a smaller bore.


Why are Spigot Rings needed?

The rings are needed when the hub hole (the center bore) on the wheel is larger than the wheel hub of the vehicle.  They are usually required for aftermarket wheels since the original wheels come with a center bore of the right size.  They can however be used on original wheels when fitting those wheels onto a different make or model which has a smaller hub.
Usually, the hub-centric rings are used with alloy wheels, but sometimes steel wheels may need them.
The purpose of the centric ring is to perfectly center the alloy wheel to the wheel hub and prevent vibration to the steering wheel during driving and shaking which typically occurs between speeds of 65-95 km/h.



Stock: SR93

Size: 60.1mm – 57.1mm

30 pieces

Stock: SR94

Size: 66.6mm – 60.1mm

12 pieces

Stock: SR95

Size: 66.1mm – 60.1mm

16 pieces

Stock: SR96

Size: 70.1mm – 60.1mm

8 pieces

Stock: SR97

Size: 60.1mm – 56.1mm

12 pieces

Stock: SR98

Size: 58.1mm – 60.1mm

12 pieces

Stock: SR99

Size: 60.1mm – 56.6mm

12 pieces

Stock: SR100

Size: 72.3mm – 60.1mm

8 pieces

Stock: SR101

Size: 60.1mm – 68mm

12 pieces

Stock: SR102

Size: 58.6mm – 60.1mm

8 pieces

Stock: SR103

Size: 60.1mm – 54.1mm

12 pieces

Stock: SR104

Size: 67.1mm – 60.1mm

8 pieces

Stock: SR105

Size: 60.1mm – 89mm

12 pieces

Stock: SR106

Size: 70.6mm – 60.1mm

8 pieces

Stock: SR107

Size: 60.1mm – 72.6mm

12 pieces

Stock: SR108

Size: 73.1mm – 60.1mm

30 pieces

Stock: SR109

Size: 60.1mm – 72.5mm

12 pieces

Stock: SR110

Size: 52.1mm – 60.1mm

8 pieces

Stock: SR111

Size: 60.1mm – 74.1mm

12 pieces

Stock: SR112

Size: 69.1mm – 60.1mm

12 pieces

Stock: SR113

Size: 60.1mm – 64mm

12 pieces

Stock: SR114

Size: 71.6mm – 60.1mm

8 pieces

Stock: SR115

Size: 60.1mm – 79.1mm

12 pieces

Stock: SR116

Size: 76mm – 60.1mm

12 pieces

Stock: SR117

Size: 60.1mm – 75mm

8 pieces

Stock: SR118

Size: 72mm – 60.1mm

8 pieces

Stock: SR119

Size: 60.1mm – 70.4mm

12 pieces

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